View Full Version : 6.5 or 6.5.1 nightly? With MM or MIP?

2006-11-04, 00:50
Hi All,

After a disk crash (on Windoze XP) I now have the option to rebuild SS - having seen a lot of issues with 6.5 I was wondering if people recommend going with the latest 6.5.1 nightly? Is this stable enough to use - any known issues?

While on this subject, what are people's experience with MusicMatch on these builds? I could use MM v1.5, but the latest is MM/MIP v1.7 I think - any views?

Thanks in advance for you help....


2006-11-04, 11:12
Personally, I've had bad luck with the 6.5.1 nightlies.

If you want solid performance without "fiddling" with stuff, use 6.5.0 official ... it's generally pretty solid.

The only issue I've had with 6.5.0 and MIP (I'm using 7) is that SlimServer doesn't recognize any tracks that have accented characters as mixable. Other than that it's fine with MIP.