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2006-11-03, 18:21
I recently purchased a squeezebox to upgrade an old slimp3 that I had connected to my stereo. The primary reason for upgrading to the Squeezebox was to be able to run FLAC encoded music, without having to perform the server side LAME conversion to MP3.

But...I've had a very annoying problem since I've started using the Squeezbox. With varying frequency (somewhere between once every 10 minutes and 2 hours) whenever I am playing FLAC encoded music (not mp3) the music will either 1. Skip ahead a few seconds, or 2. just stop playing, and I have to hit play again, and it resumes from the beginning of the stopped song.

The Squeezebox has a direct Ethernet connection and is very fast. I have tried various versions of the SlimServer running under windows XP (6.5, 6.51 and 7.01a) and the problem is consistent with all version.

It seems like some sort of buffer problem, but I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. I really like the squeezebox, but I can't live with this problem and will have to get rid of it if the problem can't be resolved.

2006-11-04, 00:45
That does sound annoying!

The only thing that pops into my mind is to confirm that you really are streaming FLAC to your SB and are not inadvertently transcoding to something else serverside?


2006-11-04, 19:37
my convert.conf is stock and appears to keep flac as flac. Since I was using lame before to convert flac to mp3 on my old slimp3, your point was well taken, so I removed lame from my server. Still having the same problems.

2006-11-05, 00:59
I suggest you contact support at slimdevices dot com. They may have other ideas, or it may be you have a faulty box.


2006-11-05, 15:03
I have this same problem. I assumed it was a bug in my beta-release version (I haven't yet gotten around to upgrading to the official 6.5 release.) Maybe not.

There is this on bugzilla:

2006-11-05, 15:11
Try checking that the server is running without interruptions - turn on performance warnings and report back here if you see any warning messages in the log:

Do the following from the web page:
1) Server and Network Health
2) Enable Performance Monitoring
3) Server Statistics
4) Go to the bottom of the page and enter "0.5" in the High box next to "set all" and then press "set all"
5) Check the content of the log [see log link at top of Server Statistics page]
6) Play some music until the problem occur and then check the log again.
7) Post here...

2006-11-05, 16:23
I get occassional stopped play and slim crashes with some naming (title) issues that have been discussed many time previously. 6.5.0 appears better but I think there are still issues (for example it does not like ampersand &). To diagnose this try and spot the point of loss and repeat that particular song.

2006-11-06, 17:19
I did as Triode recommended. Had a couple skips and looking at the log file these are the most relavent entries:

Slim::Player::Source::checkFullness (659) Buffered audio dropped to 0 bytes, pausing to rebuffer

Slim::Utils::Timers::adjustAllTimers (224) adjustAllTimers: time travel! (I saw several of these, don't know what it means)

Server stats screen attached.

2006-11-13, 16:22
I downreved to 6.1.1 Works like a champ now. Hopefully slimdevices can fix this eventually.......