View Full Version : Anyway to create a CD list with Slim device?

2006-11-03, 07:57
I'd like to have an excel sheet or word document with all my CDs listed. Since Slim Device has all the info I was wonder is there anyway I can print out a list somehow? Or does anyone know a program I might be able to use. It's been a few years since I updated my CD list and really don't want to individually type everything. thanks

2006-11-03, 08:18
Someone over in this thread:

Is putting together a Java application to create a PDF document from your music library.

It's in early development, but keep an eye on it.

2006-11-03, 08:43
I just export everything from mp3tag into MS Excel. From there a quick pivot table or two can list whatever you want, by CD, artist, etc.

All other apps I've tried seem to be just frontends to achieve the same but without the absolute flexibility of XL.

my 2p anyway

2006-11-03, 08:43
See also this thread ... http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=29282

If you have 6.5 or later, you can use a free download SQLyog to do stuff directly with the database, and towards the end of the thread there is a ready-made query which probably does what you want.


2006-11-03, 09:54
there is a slimserver to pdf plugin at http://www.slimp3.rtfm.info/downloads/index.html
is old so not sure if it still works. I did use it a while ago and worked fine then.