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Mike Hanson
2006-11-03, 06:00
I'm pleased with the new gallery and its sorting abilities in 6.5. However, it's also displaying the album name and artists below each entry. For most albums this creates 3-4 lines of text, and for "Various Artists" albums, it could be a couple dozen lines scrunched into a tall narrow column. Of course, this spreads the album artwork out over several vertical pages in the browser, rather than appearing as a compact, easily-scannable field of album covers.

Since I generally don't need to see the names of the albums to recognize them, and since I can always point at the album to see the name displayed in the tip, I would like to turn off the explicit text below each entry. Can that be done?

I've already tried turning off Artists and Years in album view, but that didn't seem to have any impact.

I could always hack the HTML pages, but I would rather use a built-in switch, if one exists. BTW, I'm using the Fishbone skin.

Mike Hanson (http://www.boxsoft.net)

2006-11-03, 09:41
On 3-Nov-06, at 5:00 AM, Mike Hanson wrote:
> I could always hack the HTML pages, but I would rather use a built-in
> switch, if one exists. BTW, I'm using the Fishbone skin.
I've posted about this on another thread as well. You can't just
switch this, and it was in response to requests from those who felt it
necessary to have the text. I hate it myself. There is a feature to
turn it off and on in the Fishbone skin, but only in experimental stage
in 7.0 builds.
for now, you'll need to edit the files. HTML/EN/cmdwrappers, you can
open in any text editor. Find the section:

[% SET class = 'even' odd = 0 %]
<div class="artworkControls">
[%- PROCESS $controls -%]
<div class="artworkText" style="width:[% item.size %]px;"><span
style="width:[% item.size %]px;">
[%- content | indent(4) %]
[%- END %]

remove the [%- content | indent(4) %] line. save it and refresh the


Mike Hanson
2006-11-03, 13:47
I searched for a bunch of things to try to find some other thread (as I couldn't imagine that I was the only one upset by this). However, I finally gave up and started this new thread. Thanks for the pointers.

Now that I've done it, it looks much better! It certainly doesn't need the text, as the whole point of using artwork is that your mind recognizes it much faster than reading a textual list in a tiny browser font. Now that I've created properly resampled thumbnails for all of my albumcovers, it's even easier to recognize them.

I've noticed another quirk, though. When I sort my album view by Artist+Year+Album, the "A-Z" hyperlinks are very screwy. It's almost as if each letter represents a page of albums, rather than all albums where the artists name starts with that letter. They also don't embolden themselves as expected, and the list breaks in the middle of a first-letter of artists' names. I suspect that the chosen visual sort order isn't impacting the behavior of those links. There's probably a pending bugreport somewhere.

Mike Hanson (www.boxsoft.net)

2006-11-03, 13:54