View Full Version : Linkstation II / Slimserver 6.5 - who has it working

2006-11-03, 03:54
Just tying up a few threads here that are asking for the same thing.

Who has Slimserver 6.5 working on a Linkstation II and more importantly can you share with us how it was done.

I'm 'playing' with my Linkstation at the moment, reflashed to Openlink, installed 6.3.1 - no problems. Had a go at upgrading to 6.5, install Mysql with no problems but got no where with 6.5. Managed to totally screw up my linkstation (but that's another story) so had to delete HDA1 etc using Knoppix etc etc and decided to reflash using Freelink (recommned by many as the best route to get 6.5 working).

So haven't attempted it yet. Anybody got a 'how to' please or any pointers. As I've got a 'virgin' freelink installation I'm happy to try anything and not bothered about screwing it up.

2006-11-03, 13:17
I got it working on Openlink on a LS2 and the details are on pages 1 and 2 of this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=28578

You need the mipsel development tools from linkstationwiki installed, the mipsel mysql-devel package from page 1 of the thread (and a means of extracting all of the files from it) and a copy of "mysqld" which you need to extract from the mipsel debian package of mysql-server-4.1.11.

It isn't easy to do (you do need a fairly good grasp of Linux basics) but it does work.