View Full Version : Logitech's Windows Media Extender?

2006-11-02, 10:34
Given that Logitech is:

"one of Microsoft´s premier hardware peripherals partner for marketing Windows Vista-based communications solutions"


and with the launch of Vista at the end of this month, I wonder how plausable it is that the purchase of Slim at this time could be a bid to use the Squeezebox technology as a step into the Windows Media Extender market.

These Windows Media extenders essentially do exactly the same job for anyone using a Media PC running Windows Connect on a 'master' PC as the Squeezebox does for anyone running Slimserver in the same manner (albeit without video or photos).

2006-11-02, 11:12
It's just sound quality what gets harmed - Extenders creators apparently have different priorities.

If Logitech wants a combo - fine with me as long as it doesn't ruin current level of SB sound quality. Next step - a dishwasher with embedded SB?