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2006-11-02, 08:51
Hi All,

I have been using my SB3 for nearly a year now and it is the BEST gadget i have bought so far.

I was trying to update my Slimserver SW from ver. 6.2.1 (this is what came with my SB3) to ver. 6.50.

- Software got installed okay on my PC that acts as a server
- SB3 was firmware updated

I could connect to squeeze network and my slimserver ... so far so good.

When searching through my music collection by looking into the actual folders, my slimserver stops when reaching certain letters? I can re-start the server but it stops immediately again. Re-starting the PC fixes the problem..until I start browsing through folders again :-(

As I live in Denmark and we have a few more letters in our alphabet than you guys have in the US (, and ). This may be the problem ??

Strange .. the original slimserver software does not have this behaviour.

Do you have a cure or have I overlooked the answer in the forum ?

Best regards

2006-11-02, 09:09
> I was trying to update my Slimserver SW from ver. 6.2.1 (this is what
> came with my SB3) to ver. 6.50.

Please give 6.5.1 a try before we investigate any further. I know, it's
not official yet, but many bugs have already been fixed. I'm currently
using a 6.5.1 from about a week ago and I have a lot of songs with eg.
German umlauts in titles/artist or album names.



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2006-11-02, 11:56
Hi Again,

Tried the recomended version and did the updating on the server side as well as the update on SB3. Even did a factory reset of SB3 afterwards !
...but the d... server still stops? ...
Is the newer versions more sensitve to forign letters in file names and ID tag's in MP3 fils ??

Have now tried 6.3.1, 6.5.0 and 6.5.1 all with the same result !
Only thing that keeps running is 6.2.1


2006-11-04, 02:59
tried more versions as stated in my previous post

Anyone ?


2006-11-04, 06:05
I'm a Dane as well and have never had any problems with the Danish letters. I've upgraded whenever a new version was released and I'm now using ver. 6.5.0. Always worked flawlessly.

In your original post you say the error occurs when you're browsing through the folders. I'm not a tech wizard, but as I understand it Slimserver is then reading from the hard drive as you browse.

Does the same occur if you're browsing by Album or Artist? (Slimserver is using its own database)

2006-11-06, 09:26
Hi All,

looks like it was a couple of corrupt MP3-files that made all the troubles!. These corrupt files was able to crash both Winamp + Windows Media Player.

Deleted the files and everything is sweet :-)