View Full Version : Simple question folling 6.5.1 installs

2006-11-01, 23:26
Hello all,

I have upgraded to latest official release and have had good results thus
far though I do have one very simple query that I have so far failed to

On previous versions, Brows Artists, would eventually produce a list of
albums which had 'all songs' at the top of this list, selecting all songs
would produce a list of all songs from that artist which I am sure was
sorted alphabetically.

I note that this is no longer the case and the resultant list appears not to
be sorted. I changed the settings so that the track number is no longer
displayed with the song title but I am left with a list which is not in

Am I making this up or has something changed which I am not aware of and if
so - is there an option to have the list sorted by song title by default?

I know it's not very exciting in the scheme of things but I'd love to
resolve it if possible.

Thanks in anticipation

Richard Scales

SlimServer is running on Windows 2003 Small Business Server with 2 x wired
SB2 and 1 x Wireless SB2