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Auer, Karl James
2003-12-11, 19:05
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> I don't think that your typical consumer who simply checks
> the WEP box and enters a key does MAC filtering.
> Having setup a ton of home networks as well as being a
> network engineer who works with the enterprise level stuff
> all the time I must say that I find this statement very
> incongruent with my own experiences.

Could be. I work in Europe; maybe the typical consumer is different, or maybe my experiences are just different to yours. I find that people who are concerned enough about security to turn on WEP are also concerned enough to turn on MAC filtering. Many are even concerned enough to encrypt everything on top of that with VPNs or SSH tunneling, too.

My comment does only apply to those who are concerned enough to use WEP *at all* - there are distressingly many who just run open networks.

Personally I run WEP and have MAC filters. For anything at home I run over SSH tunnels, for work it all goes over the work VPN *and* SSH tunnels (because the work VPN is only encrypting as far as the VPN concentrator). My bandwidth is down around 4 bits per second, but man is it locked up tight! :-)

Regards, K.

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