View Full Version : Someone (kind of) figured out how to stream DRM music

2006-11-01, 08:35
See http://www.tomsnetworking.com/2006/10/31/sondigo_sirocco_review/ for details.

In short it acts like a Windows sound card. Interesting concept none-the-less.

2006-11-01, 08:54
Yeah, this has been around for a while, and it isn't the only one of its breed. (Don't feel like googling for its competitors) I saw this unit back before I bought my SB3 when I was checking out the market for these devices.

This has several major drawbacks:

1. Plays "what you hear" on your computer. Including any sounds your computer makes while playing a track. (New mail, various beeps, etc...)

2. No remote control capability. You have to go to the host computer to make playlist changes.

3. Dubious sound quality