View Full Version : QNAP TS-411U or Synology RS-406

2006-11-01, 04:01
Has anyone got any experience of using the above NAS solutions with Slimserver. I am looking to upgrade my storage in the next few months as part of Home-Automation and Video Streaming project.

2006-11-01, 14:43
TS-411U has 512Mb RAM and 1.6Ghz x86 based CPU.

Our experience with the TS-401T (which is 256Mb RAM and a 800Mhz CPU) is very positive especially with SS 6.5 so I would have thought that the 411U will be even better.

It is expensive though.

2006-11-01, 21:48
Thanks Paul. This is a long term project for home-automation and the solution would would provide the backbone for the house for years to come. Only thing putting me off the Qnap is the depth of the unit which is excluding most wall mounted racks