View Full Version : controlling squeezebox with universal remote, without seeing squeeze display?

2006-10-31, 17:00
I'd like to be able to control my series 2 squeezebox from my universal remote (harmony 880). Basically I'd like to set things up so that I can set up a handful of playlists, program the remote to kick each of them off, and go from there.

The one trick is that I'd like to have the squeezebox hidden in a cabinet, so that I won't be able to see the (beautiful) display when I'm using it. As far as I can tell, the squeezebox has a pretty fixed hierarchical interface--not only would I need to program the macros on the remote to go through various up and down, right arrow messages, but things would be in a lot of trouble if the squeezebox menu was in a different place than the remote was expecting. (I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well, I hope it makes sense.)

Are there IR codes for the squeezebox that basically say "play the nth playlist", without navigating through the menu system?

I apologize if this is an easily answered question; I've tried to look through the forums and the wiki without any success, but I fear that I've missed something obvious, since this seems likely to be pretty straightforward.


2006-10-31, 18:28
A couple of (well, three) things spring to mind:

Playlists can be assigned as favorites, then you can select them directly. Only 10 can be accessed this way though.

There's a plugin called something like "Direct Play" which allows you to play any item in the DB by entering it's unique number.

The IR codes are pretty configurable and you could remap specific ones to do pretty much any action you want.

Hopefully these pointers plus some searching of the forum and wiki will get you moving in the right direction!

2006-11-01, 00:34
Nice, didn't think the IR code usage was configurable. I could use that kind of configuration for my wife (not to control her by IR codes, but to let her easily control the SB3 without learning the menus). Is all about that to be found in the wiki? Can you configure so you press one button and switch over to a Squeezenetwork radio station? Then another button press and a favourite playlist in Slimserver kicks in?

2006-11-01, 12:11
Can you configure so you press one button and switch over to a Squeezenetwork radio station? Then another button press and a favourite playlist in Slimserver kicks in?

Not really. Since almost all of the interpreting of the ir codes is accomplished on the server you can't use custom ir commands when you're logged into squeezenetwork. Additionally, you can't really jump back and forth from squeezenetwork quite that easily. But if you're planning on running slimserver locally all the time you really shouldn't need to use squeezenetwork. In which case you can do something very much like what you're wanting...just all in Slimserver.

I wouldn't immediately be so pessimistic about your wife's ability to learn the interface. You can greatly simplify the menu system if you like, removing all but the most basic of controls.

2006-11-01, 13:17
FWIW my fiance has no problems at all with the menus, it's considerably less complicated than our DVR.

2006-11-02, 00:50
Thanks for your moral support :)

I'm also pretty sure about my wife's ability to learn a simplified menu - and I will test if Erland's Custom Browse Menu works on the 6.3.1 I'm running on the Synology DS-106, it may make it even easier. The problem is that she's convinced she can't.

2006-11-26, 20:22
Use the Slim's ability to configure custom IR to either call specific functions or custom scripts to do what you want. Don't bother trying to memorize even a simplified navigation.

You'll also be out of luck trying to set up the Harmony to produce any kind of Macro. The Harmony software doesn't support custom macros.

Another (far more expensive) option is to use a device with its own screen and 2-way communication to control the SB. Like the Nokia 770.

I'm sure we'll see more products and news from Logitech in the future enabling tighter integration with their Harmony line. And I hope a dedicated controller with a decent screen.

2006-11-26, 21:28
I use my Harmony 680 with my old SlimP3 and the Quick Access plugin. My SlimP3 is hidden in a cabinet along with the rest of my AV gear. I control it with a computer or tablet, but that's a little too much to go through when my wife just wants some music on for the kids.

So, on the Harmony, I've re-named some of the unused JVC DVD codes to be names of some of my favorite playlists and placed them on the screen buttons of the remote.

Then, I edited the jvc_dvd.ir and custom.map files to include the new IR codes and map them to the QuickAccess macro functions. Finally, I used the QuickAccess setup to assign playlists to the slots. Now, my wife just has to hit "Music" on the harmony and "Kids" on the soft-keys to play a random assortment of kids music.

I can be more specific if needed. Pretty easy for everyone to use, but it does tend to break when I upgrade the SlimServer. I should probably figure out how to use the Favorites function rather than Quick Access. May make it a bit more robust.