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2006-10-31, 12:48
Hopefully it will not take long for somebody to answer this one.

I’ve been using 2 Squeezeboxes connected to a Qnap TS101 for some weeks now.
All has gone reasonably well until this evening, when some how the field for music folder in the web interface has become blank. So now Slimserver can no longer find my music.

I should be able to re-enter the name of the folder, but only if somebody can tell me exactly what it is called, as Slimserver doesn’t exactly make it easy.

I’ve managed to get it to accept “/mnt”
But it will not accept “/mnt/public”

Presumably there is some other piece of syntax required in between, but what?

Can somebody with a TS101 have a look and tell me what the correct syntax is.

Thanks in advance.


2006-10-31, 12:59

My server basic settings are set as "/ext/mnt/music" under the music folder heading.

Hope this helps - good luck.


2006-10-31, 13:09

I've actually just managed to discover it for myself.

By first setting the music folder Blank, I was able to browse through on one of my Squeezeboxes. After a lot of browsing I found my music folder, in that exact folder.

I've set it to the correct value now, and it is working again.

Shame the web interface does not have a browse funcion. That would have made this a little easier.

Thanks for your help.


2006-10-31, 13:11
no problem, Richard