View Full Version : Softsqueeze audio mixer pref problem

Alexandre Tichit
2006-10-31, 08:19
Dear Mrs or Mr

I am using slimserver(latest release) with a squeezebox and two Softsqueeze2
which are started "SoftSqueeze.jar" on the same PC with two differents mac

This PC has a multiple audio output sound card.
So in the "preferences window of softsqueeze" - "audio" -

"Audio mixer: PHASE44 Wave 1/2" for the first "SoftSqueeze.jar"
"Audio mixer: PHASE44 Wave 3/4" for the second "SoftSqueeze.jar"

It works, but each time i close or restart the SoftSqueeze.jar, they loose
preferences for the "Audio Mixer" settings.

What can i do to make them keep their "Audio Mixer" output settings for

Best regards


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