View Full Version : Dont stop now

2006-10-31, 06:47
Im running 6.5.0 and my server seems to be shutting down on its own at some point during the night. Anyone know what would cause the server to shut down on its own, even though its left on.

2006-10-31, 07:29
A little more information would be helpful.
-Server type (NAS, PC..)
-Is only slimserver shutting down or the whole machine?


2006-10-31, 07:30
Are you running an antivirus app on the server machine?

2006-10-31, 07:38
OS - win2k
Its just the slim server thats shutting down, the machine isnt doing anything out of the ordinary. I do have Norton running on the machine, which I havent ever had issues with.

2006-10-31, 08:26
Norton antivirus is probably blocking the *.my* files (MySQL). Add them to the file exclusion list in the antivirus app.


2006-10-31, 13:38
check the event log to see if you can see when it crashed. Do you have an overnight scan scheduled - perhaps it crashed in the scan?