View Full Version : AW: Squeezebox doesn't see wireless network

Auer, Karl James
2003-12-11, 18:18
> Sorry, its smc barricade 7004WBR. I've tried with and
> without 64-bit WEP. The ssid is 'default'. I've tried
> changing that too. I never see anything but timeout on
> connection attempt. The antenna is attached solidly, and an
> ibook in the same room shows full signal strength (and
> connects fine with the above ssid and wep security. All I
> ever get from the squeezebox is a 20 second countdown and
> then failure. Very frustrating.

Does the squeezebox work when it's directly connected (ethernet, not
wireless)? Can you connect another device to the SMC device and see
connectivity? And, maybe a silly question, but is there any chance you
are also doing MAC filtering? Most people who set up WEP usually filter
on MAC address too...

Regards, K.
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