View Full Version : Problem viewing song information in web UI

Philip Meyer
2006-10-31, 01:30
I've noticed a problem in the web interface (Fishbone) recently, since switching from 7.0 down to 6.5.1, whereby if I click the song title of a track in the currently playing playlist, the song info display sometimes doesn't report any information.

It seems to be a problem with any track that has recently played, or for queued up items that I have already viewed track information. i.e. if I add a new song to the list and then click the song I see the song information, but if I then click it again it doesn't show the information.

It may have something to do with album artwork, as I have added a song from an album that I doesn't have artwork, and I can call up the song information each time.

Could slimserver be leaving some database locks or file handles open?