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2003-12-11, 17:48
Sorry to hear about the problems Lee. I do believe that they are working on
some wireless issues (the squeeze won't work on my D-Link DI774 with WEP
turned on for example) and maybe they will be able to test the configuration
you have as well in the hopes of providing a fix.

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>Please provide some additional information. What make and model is the
>wireless router? Are you using WEP? Are you using an oddly formatted

Sorry, its smc barricade 7004WBR. I've tried with and without 64-bit WEP.
The ssid is 'default'. I've tried changing that too. I never see anything
but timeout on connection attempt. The antenna is attached solidly, and an
ibook in the same room shows full signal strength (and connects fine with
the above ssid and wep security. All I ever get from the squeezebox is a 20
second countdown and then failure. Very frustrating.