View Full Version : SlimServer 5.0.1 Web Interface Lag Confirmed

Thomas B. Malsbury
2003-12-11, 17:06
I know that I posted a few days ago that I noticed a severe delay using the web interface once I upgraded to the SlimServer 5.0.0. I updated again when 5.0.1 was release hoping it would resolve the issue. After a frustrating week of trying to live with it, I uninstalled 5.0.1 and reinstalled 4.2.6. I did this just to see if I was blaming the lag on the software instead of something that coincidently happened to my system around the same time I updated the software. To my surprise, 4.2.6 runs fine. No lag in loading the playlist or graphics of the web interface.

I am running the server on a dedicated PIII 500 mhz machine running Windows98 SE. My library contains about 4,000 songs.

Has anyone else experience this issue? Any suggestions on what might be misconfigured on my end? I would like to keep up to date with the software releases, but I am going to stay put at 4.2.6 until I can get this resolved.