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2006-10-29, 08:42
I've been using Slimserver for a few months now to power a diverse range of Winamp- and Softsqueeze-driven PCs and PDAs around my house and work. I've transferred Slimserver's database into my own MySQL instance. I've searched the forums and the web for some answers to what seems to me to be a fundamental question:

How do you edit the data that the Slimserver software saves in the database after scanning a music collection?

My example is that I have two collections: one of MP3s that haven't been tagged properly (many have all-capital tags) and a collection of Flacs that have been tagged properly. Slimserver will scan the bad collection first and take the band name (ie "METALLICA") and store it, but when it then reaches "Metallica" in the Flac collection it simply (and logically) uses the original record to match against. So is there a tool that would let a user edit the all-caps artist record?

Naturally I am *able* to go into the mySQL instance and edit records by hand but it would seem to be more intuitive to have "edit this artist" and "edit this album" functionality built into the SlimServer software?

If it helps, I'm using the Fishbone skin only. Do other skins have additional functionality that I've not found? Or have I missed a skin-based plugin?


2006-10-29, 08:56
Why don't you just update the tags in the MP3 files ?

There is no tool available that I am aware of that makes it easy to edit the data in the slimserver database, you can of course do it with an SQL tool but you already know that.

As SlimServer works today you don't want to change stuff in the database, because slimserver will still re-read the "bad" information from the tags in some situations.

2006-10-29, 08:58
Slimserver has never had any tag editing capabilities. Just READING the plethora 'o tag types in all the audio file types that Slimserver supports seems like a minor miracle to me.

Personally, I'd like to hack away at my Slimserver sql data too. I've yet to find an odbc driver that works with the new data types in 6.5.1 and 7, though. When I do, I imagine that I'll be writing some update queries in MSAccess to message the data.

2006-10-29, 09:29
as to why not update the data in the MP3 files?

Because there are over 100,000 of them, in all states of disrepair. It would help to know how Slimserver scans the hard-drive, and I highly doubt it's in alphagbetic order of directory/track. So how do wwe know which is teh first track with duff data that it picks up and (naturally) thinks is correct?

On a related note then, it would be nice to be able to have an interface that allows a user to link tracks, albums or artists that may have a spelling mistake difference ie "Metallica" and "Metalica".

I could probably write an interface for myself in ASP but that is severely limited in global usefulness (and I'd like to give something back to the community if I did write something useful) given the system requirements inherent to running IIS just to edit a single database, and that's assuming the db is ported into mySQL... I have no idea about accessing the version of MySQLLite that SS runs, and then on multiple platforms? Eeshk!


2006-10-29, 09:35
By far your best bet is to fix the tags... as slimserver is constructed today, there are many cases where you will need to do a clean rescan of the library, so any improvements you have made in the database will be lost.

Yes, I appreciate you have a lot of files, but its the same number whether you try to fix them in the database or by using a tagger!

Go for a good tagger like mp3tag and you will be surprised how quickly you can make progress (but it will still take a while, I admit)