View Full Version : Logitech and Slim Devices

2006-10-28, 20:42
here's a very interesting product:

http://www.denguru.com/2006/10/26/carefree_music_streaming_with_the_logitech_wireles s_dj_music_system/

is it possible a 'squeezebox 4' could combine the best of this product, with the best of SS/SB2-3?

no drm problems.
color screen on REMOTE not device.
multiple digital outputs.
separation of receiver and charger base.
winamp support.

i wonder if logitech wants to do this, thus the acquisition? i hope so.

2006-10-28, 20:56
Yeah, this has been noted since before the acquisition (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=28813). My personal guess is that Logitech won't see any logic in having two devices at the same price point, and my hope is that they'll aim for the best of both, which is basically an SB3 with an slick(er) remote. Support for DRM'd sources might also be in the picture, although irrelevant from my POV.

2006-10-28, 21:06
it just seems like the opportunity is here to build a dream product.

imagine using your computer to play a DVD's audio (and video) thru the device? (movies or albums)

what about streaming the video too? visualizations, etc?

how about having it superimpose menus on your TV?

logitech does need to lose the xmtr part, and simply use the router like SD does. and i think the systray feeder should be just a simple feeder for whatever pgm u want to use, whether it be a better version of SS or winamp or whatever, a simple layer audio routing feeder, as opposed to a featured pgm.

and separating the charger base from the stereo interface, and bringing said interface up to SD quality is a must, but it seems like its CLOSE to being there... all the next steps towards a new collaboration product between the current SB and this current logitech product seem evolutionary, and not far away.