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Sally Shears
2003-12-11, 11:31
I prefer that list as is... with default reply going to the list.

Two additional comments:

1. If this discussion is available to the public, please take care to prevent
email address harvesting. There is a lag time, but publically visible addresses
will begin receiving spam and eventually become unusable.

2. Badly configured mail servers will send "Undeliverable" replies back to the
mailing list address and could create an email loop for all of us. I think I saw
a couple of these recently. Make sure the mailing list software prevents these
mail loops.

This mailing list is a terrific resource! Thanks!

-- Sally


Sally Shears (a.k.a. "Molly")
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On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Caleb Epstein wrote:

> I have noticed that the slimdevices.com mailing lists send out
> all postings with a Reply-To: of the list address. This
> forces all replies to go back to the entire list, even if what
> you intended was to direct a response to the poster.
> I content that it would be preferable to NOT do this and let
> people who want to reply on-list just do a reply-all. Simple
> reply would go back to the message originator, reply-all would
> go to the originator as well as the list.
> Thoughts?
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