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2006-10-28, 16:18
Hi all,

I am looking for a small amplifier for mu squeezebox to amplify some in-wall speakers. It is the intention that the amplifier and its psu are not visible at all (that's why they need to be small ;)

The in-wall speakers I would like to use have the following specs (DC101 -> http://www.artsound.be/index.cfm?PageID=16090)

2-way 88 dB speaker
Nominal RMS power: 35 Watts
impedance: 8 ohm
frequency: 65-20 KHz

2 in-wall speakers will be placed in my living room which measures 4x8metres

In the forums I read a lot about the sonic T-amp and Dr. Amp...My first question, will those amps be powerful enough?

And my second question, does anybody know where to buy them in Europe..or are there other (and better?) solutions out there ?

Thanks in Advance!

tom permutt
2006-10-28, 18:20
Thinkgeek.com will ship you a T-amp in Europe, I believe, but it may not be worth the trouble with duties, etc. Besides, it's probably not what you need. The first 5W or so are what everybody raves about. From about 5W to 10W it's pretty lo-fi, and that's about as high as it goes. It depends how loud you want it.

2006-10-29, 01:56
I don't know if it is what you exactly are looking for, but the AudioPlex Amp 10 may do the trick:

2006-10-29, 05:34
From about 5W to 10W it's pretty lo-fi, and that's about as high as it goes. It depends how loud you want it.

It is indeed not my intention to get "blown" away, the system will be primarily used for background music...except for that special song where the volume must go up ;)

2006-10-29, 09:53
You could, just for fun and for a glowing feeling, trawl ebay for Chinese valve amps. I got a dinky Ming-Da for under 200 for my kitchen system, and there is a Yarland that sells for under 150 (UK-source, so no VAT issues).


2006-10-29, 11:18
What about a Velleman kit (most are available built, tested and with casing). Should be easily available at your location, I guess.



The kits are all really good quality and some are even audiophile.