View Full Version : newbie needs help

2006-10-28, 10:36

Got my Squeezebox a couple of days ago. Got it setup and was doing fine. Now the slimserver can't find the Squeezebox and the squeezebox can't find slimserver though both are running independently! I can use the Squeezeboxnetwork so it seems that the device is finding my network. Any suggestion on how to get back to things working fine? (no tech support on the weekend of course). Thanks for any help.

2006-10-28, 10:58
Can you provide some feedback on what operating system you are running, version of slimserver, and whether you are running a local firewall please. This will help in troubleshooting.

2006-10-28, 14:54
If your SB is connected to Squeezenetwork then it won't be able to connect to your local slimserver. At the SB, log off from squeezenetwork and see what happens...

It connects to one or the other, not both at once.



2006-10-29, 18:01
Thanks for your posts. My pc firewall was blocking the squeezebox IP address. I guess that somehow resulted from rebooting the squeezbox or the computer. Nevertheless, up and running now. Thanks again.