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2006-10-28, 08:13
I also posted in the 3rd party forum, but since the server is running on XP, this might be the better location.

I am running slimserver 6.5.0 on Win XP Pro SP2. I have an infrant ReadyNAS NV connected via the network and mapped as a drive (Z:) on the XP box.

All the flac files are stored on the ReadyNAS, however I am running the server on the XP box.

In the slimserver, under slimserver setting in the set music folder. I am entering the drive as z:\music. However the server keeps telling me the z: drive does not exist. This is odd since I can go to a command prompt in windows and enter 'cd z:' and see the NAS directory.

Can the slimserver not use mapped drives? How do I configure the music folder to find the NAS?

Thanks for your help. All is quiet here until I can sort this out. : )

Wes G.

2006-10-28, 08:19
Use the network (UNC) path (the one that starts with \\), look in network neighbourhood. It is possible that you may need to run SlimServer service under an account that has network privileges too. The default install under local system account does not.

2006-10-28, 15:45
Thank you ModelCitizen,

Your suggestion to use the UNC path was spot on. The server now finds all the music, but the cover art is acting funny.

In gallery view none of the artwork is visible, however if I click on any album into the album view it does show the cover art.

Apparently it is finding all the art, but it is not making the reduced size images for the gallery view. Thoughts?

When I was storing on all music locally on the XP box it all worked great. Only change is the location of the files and the music folder as we have discussed.

As this is really a separate issue... I'll start a new thread. Thanks and also thanks to radish for posting in the alternate thread.