View Full Version : SlimServer - MoodLogic setup problems

Eugene Wisor
2003-12-11, 10:37

My new SqueezeBox is on order and I'm setting up the SlimServer in preparation. I've downloaded the latest SlimServer, iTunes plus MoodLogic for evaluation. I've got SlimServer successfully configured to use my iTunes library and have also configured SlimServer to use the MoodLogic program via the Server Settings.

However, SlimServer does not seem to be using the MoodLogic title and genre information. I assumed I should see the MoodLogic song titles when browsing Artists and Album songs but I still see the iTunes song titles instead. I assumed I should see the MoodLogic Genres when browsing Genres but I still see the iTunes genres instead.

In addition none of my MoodLogic mixes (either instant or persistent ones) appear to be available from SlimServer. As mentioned in other threads, I pressed the MoodLogic play button, but it just launched iTunes (no SlimServer interaction).

What am I missing here? What should I be seeing as far as MoodLogic integration?