View Full Version : A question about limited sample rate.

2006-10-27, 02:42
This is not a criticism so spare me the flames. I love my SB and was describing what it did to an avid Headfier/hacker. When he inquired about streaming DVDA I told him the SB was limited to a 44/48 khz sample rate. He seemed quite knowledgeable (having developed his own software to maximize the quality of the bit stream out of his PC) and claimed there should be no reason for this limitation. Other than assuming it was a bandwidth issue (which apparently it isn't) I was at a loss to explain the limitation . Can anyone explain this to me so that I can pass it on.

2006-10-27, 03:44
Well, here's a guess ... the vast majority of recorded material is at 44.1kHz sample rate, with a little at 48 ... DVDA isn't, IMHO, mainstream (ok, there could be a debate about that!).

As it happens you can play a 96kHz stream on an SB2/3, it gets downsampled in the server. And a transporter can play 96, apparently.


2006-10-27, 19:23
Unfortuneately I use the SB as a digital streaaming device into a Tact room correction processor and outboard dac. The transporter is of no use to me at all.