View Full Version : Halloween stunts

Pale Blue Ego
2006-10-26, 06:58
I've been thinking of putting a SB and speakers on the roof above the front door for Halloween. I would control it with a laptop. Lots of possibilities there - using scary music, scary sound effects, or even recording some of my own sound bites to play at appropriate times.

Funny story - about 15 years ago I lived alone and worked the graveyard shift. This meant I slept during the day and usually woke up around 6 PM. Well, I woke up one day to a knock on the door, went groggily out to answer it, then realized it was kids trick-or-treating and I had bought no treats!

So I just didn't answer the door. I thought about ways of discouraging kids from coming to the house. I killed all the lights, opened some windows, put on dome darkly ambient music, and CRANKED it up - I believe I used parts of Eno's "Ambient 4 - On Land" and Jon Hassell's "The Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things With The Power Of Sound".

I crouched under the window to observe the effect it was having. Kids were actually crossing the street to get further away from the house, and looking back with trepidation. Parents were ushering kids quickly past. I laughed evilly and went back to bed. No candy was given out, and I didn't even get egged or TP'ed.