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2006-10-26, 05:46

Can the DS-106 Wake-On-Lan?

Does anyone know if I can make my NAS turn on by itself when I try to connect to the slimserver. That would be pretty cool if it's posssible.

I often turn my NAS off when I go to bed, so if it automaticly could turn on when I try to access the Slimserver it would be nice.

Is it possible?

2006-10-26, 07:41

No, it's not possible as far as I know. It would need hardware support on the DS which is not enabled or not built-in. The ethernet interface (chip) itself would be capable of doing it but the feature is not used on the DS. A proof (for me) that it is impossible is, that the network link goes down when the DS is off (i.e. "link" LED at the switch not lit). Laptops and PCs capable of WOL keep the link alive to listen to WOL packages. But that uses standby power which I try to avoid with all my devices (TV set, stereo, microwave etc.). I have a big red "main power switch" to disconnect my kit from mains. It's good for the environment. And I like to press buttons and switches anyway :-)

There are some threads around here where we discussed this before.


2006-10-28, 07:13
Can you use the on/off button on the DS-106e, when slimserver is installed? Does the DS-106e start SlimServer automaticly, just like my pc?

2006-10-28, 07:50
Yes, there is an option for auto-start slimserver

2006-10-28, 08:19
Ok thanks.

Can it be used only with USB2 external harddisk? Or do I have to install an internal harddisk? (reason why, is that i have recently purchased a external)

2006-10-28, 09:12
What are you talking about? I don't understand your question.

How can you use a DS without an internal hdd? AFAIK it's not possible to install the firmware onto an attached usb/esata disk. Or is it?

You cannot choose where to install SSODS. It can only be installed on the internal hdd.

But it doesn't matter where the music is stored, it can be on an attached usb disk (path would be something like /volumeUSB1/...).

2006-10-29, 00:51
I was hoping that I could use it only with an attached USB harddisk, but that is not possible?

2006-10-29, 01:39
No it isn't. Get your HDD from external USB-HDD (if HDD has SATA) and put it into the synology (after backup your data)