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Ron Mellum
2003-12-10, 19:54
A couple of things:
1) Make sure XP's built in firewall isn't running
2) Make sure your buddy's player application is pointing to

You could also just try firing up winamp or iTunes on another computer on your
local network and try opening the URL http://192.168.0.x:9000/stream.mp3. Make
sure to replace x with your local IP (use ipconfig from a command prompt to
determine your ip). This might help narrow down where its getting lost.

You'll also need to set up the player from the web interface, but that's
explained in the advanced secion of the FAQ (either on the slimdevices site or
within your server interface).


--- Dan Speirs <dspeirs (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
> I really want to get the remote streaming function
> working but I haven't had any luck yet. I was
> wondering if you could give me a bit of help. Keep in
> mind I am not very tech saavy but I am a hell of a
> foosball player.
> I am running XP standard with Netgear WGR614 802.11g.
> I have Norton Internet Security installed and running.
> I have a cable modem/access.
> I tried going to Netgears configuration site
> and then clicking port forwarding
> and port start 9000 and port end 9000. I am not sure
> if this is where I tell the firewqall to let
> squeezebox in/out.
> To try to access remote streaming I use:
> http://localhost:9000 entering my IP address as local
> host. I get my IP from www.whatismyip.com. Is this
> correct or do I use the number displayed on the
> SlimServer under settings which says “Player Settings
> for XX.XX.XX.XX (which is a different number than my
> IP).
> When I currently get a buddy to try
> http://localhost:9000 my internet access actually
> drops and I have to shut down the computer and reset
> the router. Obviously my router config for port 9000
> is not right. By the way, I disable the Norton
> Internet Security each time I try this.
> Anybody got some step by step advice for me?
> Dan
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