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2006-10-25, 13:32
Can't get this to work on two systems I have tried - both xp with server 6.5

telnet in subscribe unknownir

and get nothing

If i subscribe mixer , unknownir - I get volume changes so i know the subscribe is working. I was ask to post here by technical as they can't help

Any help guys

2006-10-26, 14:42
I re-checked and it works... assuming the IR "protocol/frequency" can be understood by the SB. I tried some Kenwood codes and they work, but could not get Sony codes to register on a SliMP3 (as an example). JVC codes do work.

Try "listen 1" and use the desired remote. If nothing comes up, then the Squeezebox does not recognize the IR at all, hence does not send it to the server and hence no unknownir is ever sent (and hence you get nothing if you subscribe to it).



2006-10-31, 11:54
Hi Fred
Thanks for taking the time and trouble to re check

I (with lots of checks) can't find any remotes that it will work with.

Have confirmed the function is working by switching off the slimdevices remote on my player. Any idea what formats it can read (RC5 RC6 NEC Sony etc)

Thanks again

2006-10-31, 12:19
Check the wiki, there may be some info there. There is also an IRBlaster plugin which I think has info.