View Full Version : WOL on SB power up (not just coming out of standby)

2006-10-25, 11:06
I have WOL working properly on my SB3 and XP PC. But I am also using my amp to send a 12v trigger to an external relay which switches on the power to various accessories (including my SB - I'm using a Power One PSU, and don't like it getting hot even when the SB is in standby). This approach is also environmentally friendly as my SB, TV, etc are not normally sat there consuming power when in standby.

Conequently my SB powers up from scratch every time I come to use it, but it does not send a WOL magic packet on power up. I then have to use the SB remote to explicitly turn it on and cause the magic packet to be sent (you then see a 'waking up slimserver' message, which you don't see when the unit is first powered up).

So my question is - is there any way to change the behaviour of the SB on power up so that it sends a WOL magic packet on power up. My guess is that this is nothing to do with the SlimServer version (I'm on 6.2.2) as it must be the firmware on the hardware that needs to be modified. Could this be implemented in a future version of the firmware ?

2006-10-25, 11:18
The Squeezebox firmware is upgraded when you change to a different version of Slimserver. I am using 6.5.0, which loads firmware version 64 to Squeezebox. Your server version sounds quite old, and I expect you will also therefore see a correspondingly old firmware version.

The good news is that with this firmware version (64), the Squeezebox certainly does send out the magic packet and wake up the server. It works well except that the SB turns back off again before server comes out of hibernate, so after a pause to allow server to start properly, the SB needs to be turned on again on the remote.

I think a server version upgrade is what you need.


2006-10-26, 08:50
I have now upgraded to 6.5.1, but no joy.

I think you missed my point - I am talking about the SB not sending a magic packet on POWER up (ie when you insert the DC jack, or turn the mains on). It works fine if the unit is already powered up and if you then bring it out of standby.

Can we have a version that sends a WOL magic packet on power up ?

Mark Lanctot
2006-10-26, 09:00
Submit an enhancement request at http://bugs.slimdevices.com