View Full Version : Sirius Connection Timeout

2006-10-24, 18:18
I've just installed the Sirius plugin and when I select a channel it says "Checking Stream", "Connecting..." and then "Connection Timed Out".

This is what I get on my SqueezeBox. I had it working briefly on SoftSqueeze but then that got hung up as well when I selected a different skin.

Any ideas on what's going on here and what I might check to troubleshoot the problem?


Mark Miksis
2006-10-24, 19:08
Did you follow the instructions on the plugin's website about disabling built-in WMA?

2006-10-25, 04:56
That did it. Stupid mistake on my part. I had read it earlier and then somehow convinced myself that it didn't apply to my model SB.

Thanks for the help!