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2006-10-24, 10:30
Click the link below to download Crestron demo module. There is no help file as part of this download but I have included a demo programme.

Change the IP addresses in the 2 TCP/IP clients to the IP address of your SlimServer and the ports to your CLI ports as set in SlimServer (default 9090). Also at the bottom of the Slimserver Demo v2 module enter the IP address of you SlimServer and the MAC address of the Squeeze Box you wish to control.

In the demo Xpanel file change the IP address to the IP address of you crestron system.

This demo version is fully functional except the text output strings are limited to 10 characters long. The non demo version will be available soon at a cost of 100.00. (GB Pounds)
Once you have purchased the full version you will be entitled to all future versions free of charge. Both demo and non demo versions are encrypted.

This module has been tested on version 6.3.1 and 6.5.

The next version of this module is already in development and will hopefully include the ability to have multiple players, create/manipulate playlists, and anything else that may be of use - suggestions welcome.

Please add comments/suggestions to this post.


2006-10-26, 10:57
To those who have download the demo module,

What do you think , any comments/suggestions. (good or bad)



2006-10-31, 09:14
I have updated the demo module as a some users were experiencing problems.

Click on link below to download.

Please add any feedback to this thread.


2006-11-03, 03:21
The final release version is now ready for purchase and immediate download.

Please follow the link below.


2006-11-03, 12:41
the title says it all

Marc Sherman
2006-11-03, 13:02
Limping_Pylon wrote:
> the title says it all

No, it doesn't. What are you talking about?

- Marc

2006-11-03, 13:08
the title says it all

It's a plugin for a home automation system to allow it to control SlimServer.

You don't need it if you don't have a crestron home automation setup.

2006-11-24, 09:25
New demo version available to download.


Bug fixes and speed improvements over previous versions. Demo version is now the same as purchase version with the exception of the text output strings are limited to 10 characters.