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2006-10-22, 13:31
I upgraded from a stable 6.3.0 version to 6.5.0. (XP SP 2; no uninstall). After a full scan my library contains only a part of my music files (approx. 25%, indicated by the display of the number of songs).

Repeated rescans do not add any more files to the library. When I try to add an album-folder by using 'browse music folder' and I point to an folder I know isn't in the library yet, sometimes the songs are added to the library, sometimes the SlimServer suddenly closes down and I get an error message the connection to the server at localhost:9000 can't be established. This happens each time to the same folders. I can't see anything wrong in the folders (and in 6.3.0 they caused no problems).

What can I do to get all my music in the library without having to check each folder manually for missing tracks and without having Slimserver closing down each time?

2006-12-09, 05:32
I found a big difference between using itunes within slimserver and not using it. I suspect due to character sets/encoding differences. Turning off itunes within slimserver solved the problem. A lot of extra songs found.

Good luck.

2006-12-09, 10:38
Using Windows XP I too have had issues with rescan failing on extra-long song filenames in extra long foldernames. The easy way to tell if a song has too long a filename is to right-click the song (the WAV or FLAC or MP3 file) in Windows Explorer. If the a shortened popup menu appears (no rename option) then the filename is too long. Move the offending folder and retry the rescan. Another issue I had with rescan was the use of an invalid character (a greek character) in a song filename. I found that one the hard way. I emptied my music folder, then rescanned. Worked okay. Then moved the first ten albums back into the music folder, and rescanned. Worked okay. Repeat until the rescan fails. Then you know the bad song is in one of the last ten albums, which you can manually browse, looking for problem filenames. That is, looking for filenames with weird characters or too many characters. Hope this helps.