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2006-10-22, 09:21
I am able to play most radio stations that I want with either AlienBBC or Tune In URL. There is one I'm having problems with & it seems to be associated with a .ram file that contains url's that have been commented out by the station. (presumably the commented out rows are old values). With some debugging it appears that scanPlaylistFileHandle finds 3 valid items in the playlist, i.e. even the two that were commented out. slim then tries to play the first (invalid) item.
The relevant lines in debug are :
scanPlaylistFileHandle: found 3 items in playlist:

The url I am using is http://www.canalsur.es/Informativos/EmisionesDirecto/CanalFiesta.ram

Should the comment lines be ignored in a .ram file & if so is there a way I can get slim to do it or should I be raising a bug?

p.s. I can play that .ram file with realplayer & the underlying url (3rd one ) plays ok.

2006-10-22, 10:03
When I try the URL

I find it has only one entry
and this works with Tune-in

2006-10-22, 10:39
Stupid of me, that's because I made a mistake in copying the url from the site,that one (fiesta) works, the one that doesn't is http://www.canalsur.es/Informativos/EmisionesDirecto/canalsurradio.ram

I have just checked, currently it does have 3 entries.

2006-10-22, 12:34
Interesting bug. AFAIK Comment were ignored before 6.5 - however in 6.5 the AlienBBC parsing code (rtsppl) is not executed and some default routine is called see log with --d_parse.

It'll need a bit more investigation.

2006-10-22 20:28:36.8736 parseList (type: rtsppl): http://www.canalsur.es/Informativos/EmisionesDirecto/canalsurradio.ram
2006-10-22 20:28:36.8739 parseList: Unknown content type rtsppl, trying to guess
2006-10-22 20:28:36.8746 parseList: Couldn't guess, so trying to simply read all URLs from content

2006-10-22, 12:54
Thanks bpa, glad its not just me doing something daft. Do I need to do anything else now, raise a bug? that'll be something new to learn:-)

2006-10-22, 13:20
I need to find out if the bug is in AlienBBC or Slimserver.

If the bug is in Slimserver then a bug report should be raised.

If the bug is in AlienBBC - I can get it fixed.

2006-10-22, 15:29
Bugs in both Slimserver and AlienBBC.

Slimserver bug has been fixed - it should be available in tomorrow's 6.5.1 build.

I'll post the AlienBBC fix tomorrow.

2006-10-24, 04:38
pba, I have upgraded to 6.5.1 -10449 [SlimServer_6.5_v2006-10-23.exe] & its now working, without any changes to alienbbc. Do I need those & where do I go to get alienbbc fixes?

Thanks for your help so far

2006-10-24, 06:28
AlienBBC has its own private version control. The code is only made available in releases.

However, here is a patch - it works for your URL - it needs to be tested with some more RAM files to make sure it is suitable to be part of a release.

Replace the file RTSPPL.pm in the directory Plugins/Alien/Playlists with the file attached (after you unzip it).

2006-10-24, 08:14
OK, I've installed the alien patch & it works fine, now the Title shows the name of the AlienStream file, (without the AlienBBC patch it showed [3] ).
I looked to try other .ram entries of interest to me & tried the RNE entries contained in AlienBBC menu - RNE Radio Nacional de Espana but they don't work, since the Real entries from the RNE website don't work either that's hardly suprising, the windows media links do work. What is the mechanism for me to communicate these changes to the AlienBBC guys? Is it through you?

Thanks again for your help

2006-10-24, 08:55
Post bugs for AlienBBC can be posted in the 3rd party plugins.

In the case of RNE, I created that entry as an alternative to the WMA streams but I haven't checked it recently. It's possible RNE no longer support RealAudio as many national stations are changing over to WMA.

Regarding naming - .ram files can have multiple URLS - in whiuch case they will be presented as a playlist on the SB/Web interface. With AlienBBC the entries are number [1], [2] etc. and if there is a "title" entry in the file it will be used - otherwise the name will be the URL. With MyPicks you might be able to specify a title but I need to check.