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2006-10-22, 06:17
Maybe this will give the guy who puts these things together an opportunity to rave about his gear, but I'm interested in a large NAS that will run s/s etc and wondered what you guys who have been around slimdevices longer than I think about this:


Any thoughts

2006-10-22, 07:11
It looks like a perfect solution for people who do not want to build their own NAS server and also do not want to get locked in expensive, underpowered, proprietary solutions. The price must be analyzed depending on your market. To achieve 2TB in Raid-5 the most economical option right now (in Canada) is 5x500GB drives. You can add the cost in your market and see how much they charge for the rest of the hardware and service.

There is one aspect of this server that I would be little bit worried about --"Installed to USB flash memory for easy upgrade and to get maximum space from hard drives". USB flash memory is always limited and I assume that's where the /boot and /root is. If the original install does not include mysql and perl then you would have to install it yourself. I think this is quite easy in Debian (apt-get ?) but it will install by default to /root. This situation might repeat itself if you want to run other apps on this file server (mail server for example). Default installs can be changed but require Linux skills. This problem could be eliminated by scarifying 1 small capacity drive and installing os there, you would still have 7 drives...

Overall, looks like a good alternative to overpriced, proprietary NAS servers out there and if you are not diy kind of a guy...

2006-10-22, 14:03

I appreciate your responce. One thing I was seriously contemplating WAS/IS the diy route, however the biggest problem I have encountered thus far is finding a decent source of information on the subject. I have searched high and low across this and other forums, but havn't come across a decent set of instructions/plans to go there. I would love to work on such a project; I have the time, I have some dosh,I have a room full of redundant kit, much of which I suspect I could call inot play, however I have no experience of Linux, but would love to learn via such a great application. I really like the idea of a NAS on my network and in the absence of clearer guidelines feel my only option at the stage is bespoke rather than self-made.

Any pointers guys?

PS UK based, but that might not necessarily be relevant !!

2006-10-22, 20:21

There is plenty of info on the net how to set up your own file server. There are also howto about RAID and LVM. I did not set up Samba yet (for windows shares) but I'm sure there is plenty of info. This is how opensource works.
To get started you could try the following links

my favorite http://www.finnie.org/text/terabyte/

I already have posted few times on this forum about how it is relatively easy to build your own file server/NAS, but other people mileage might vary.

Your link from the first post describes the typical dyi that somebody thought to make a business off. Nothing fancy, standard components, relatively inexpensive. Personally, I feel that this business deserves a support for providing alternatives to the so called NAS servers where you pay $500 premium for web interface, underpowered processors and proprietary setup that raises its ugly head each time there is a slimserver upgrade.