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Andrew Lucas
2003-12-10, 07:45

Thanks for all the advice.

The nightly build makes the FLAC tagging work great.

Still no luck with tagging WAV's so last call for suggestions...please...

Got my PDA talking wirelessly to the server now, its so good.


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>Subject: [slim] Browsing WAV's by artists etc
>Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:57:51 -0800
>Quoting Andrew Lucas <alucas1966 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com>:
> > Sorry to bug everyone with this, but whats the easiest way of
> > this lot?
> >
> > Thanks..
> >
>Use the URL in your browser, then click on latest
>pick the file you need for your setup:
>rpm for linux
>dmg for OSX
>exe for windows
>tar.gz or zip for raw scripts.
>If you cnat find the one you need, go back the the nightly and select a
>seems to have all versions.
> > >http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/