View Full Version : AW: Error 401 in Windows & Internet Explorer

2003-12-10, 03:43

I've got my Slimp3 up and running without any problems since I switched to Linux (SuSE 8.2 pro) on the server. I've also recently got a DynDNS service running. I've used regularly streaming within my intranet without any problems.

Interested by the recent discussion I've tried to stream from the server through the Internet. I used the same syntax as within the Intranet i.e. within Media Player http://user:password (AT) slimserver (DOT) adress.net:9000/stream.mp3 to initiallize the stream from my player and IE 6 pointing to http://user:password (AT) slimserver (DOT) adress.net:9000 (or http://slimserver.adress.net:9000) to access the servers web surface to choose a song. In WIN 98 SE with IE6 I get the error "401 Authorization is Required to access this SLIMP3 Server". The stream never starts to play (well, how could it?).

Whereas from Linux with the same address for the player everything works fine, and the within Conquereor the address http://slimserver.adress.net:9000 and subsequent log in with username and password everything works smoothly as well. I get full access to the system, can start the feeding of the stream and listen to the music.

So my question is: How do I get rid of the error in WIN 98 SE / IE6? (I already erased all memorized passwords from the internet option.)



PS: The simple solution not to use windows is not possible!