View Full Version : Nokia 770 charging cradle?

Simon Still
2006-10-20, 13:35
Getting away from the Logitech Slim discussion for a moment it's worth
remembering some of the advantages of the Slim solution. Finally with
6.5I'm using the Nokia 770 with the 770 skin and it makes a great
remote for
Slimserver. It is really good - sure a scroll wheel and some buttons would
be a much better navigation method than a stylus which can be a bit fiddly
but it lets you access the full power of a multi-room Squeezebox solution.

My one big gripe is forgetting to charge the thing and finding it with flat
batteries when i need to use it - for a device of this type an old school
Palm/Pronto style set of contacts and a base for charging would have been
really sensible. Has anyone rigged any sort of solution that means you can
put the 770 to bed simply and have it charged when you pick it up without
fiddling with cables?

2006-10-20, 14:45
I keep a power strip stashed under my couch with a few charge connectors, my 770, treo, and laptop can all be charged from there.

best thing to do is just have the wire on an end table or someplace where you leave the thing at night.

2006-10-23, 08:18
I don't think a 770 cradle exists...in the absence of that, I found this, which seems like a great way to go. Technically, you're still fiddling with cables, but at least it's well organized.


At $20 it's probably worth a try.