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2006-10-20, 08:20
whatsup all - happy to be making my first post to these forums.

i could use some help/advice on getting remote streaming working. I have reviewed the wiki and followed all the instructions. here's what i have done so far:

slim server 6.5 running great. the SB3 works like a charm and there is no problems there.

i have my firewall/router (Netgear W614) forwarding port 9000 and 3843 from my external IP (static) to my machine on the internal network running the slim server. this seems to work fine.

i can connect to the slim server using the external IP on port 9000 and can see all music, playlists, etc. i can control the server- play music, start/stop, etc. i can even see my SB3 and control it.

however, when i try to connect to http://<external IP>:9000/stream.mp3 i get no love. i have tried in itunes, winamp, and songbird 0.2. the only error i have even seen was from winamp which says 'error synching to stream'. itunes and songbird just look for the stream indefinitely.

the machine at my remote location does NOT have windows firewall running, but there is an office firewall (which I control). I have made sure that it is not in the way of traffic coming to my machine.

so - sorry for the lengthy post but i am stumped. did i miss something? any advice/suggestions from the slimserver elite?


Mark Lanctot
2006-10-20, 08:45
If you indicate you can see the SlimServer web page from an external IP, do you see a new player in the player settings when you try to play a stream from the external IP?

Should be "Player at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX", which you can rename of course.

Have you switched to that player and added items to its playlist?

Try playing it from the SlimServer web interface, THEN try playing it from the remote player.

2006-10-20, 09:06
hey mark - thanks for the reply.

yes, i do see that external IP as a new player. i see it both in the top right dropdown box as well as in the server settings.

i changed the name to 'office' successfully.

i did switch to that player, put some songs in the list, and clicked 'play'. the stream still won't link up. i have watched it skip from song to song as it plays, but still nothing in the stream.

as another test i tried the softsqueeze app - same results: can see the player, change songs, play/pause, etc. but no music.

2006-10-20, 09:11
What sort of files are you playing ?
If they are not MP3 then you may need to install lame.

2006-10-20, 09:20

okay, not sure what changed, but i restarted the slim server and the firewall/router. reconnected everything back up and now winamp is playing the stream. excellent.

songbird is still not able to sync up, but as it is only version 0.2 i will just chalk it up to pre-release jitters.

sorry for the false alarm. seems like the old reboot trick worked. thanks mark for the input.

bpa - i do have some non-mp3 files but lame is installed. thanks for the heads up.

Mark Lanctot
2006-10-20, 10:15
When in doubt, reboot.

I've seen it work in 5-figure controllers for fuel terminals. :-)

2006-10-20, 10:17
so scary, and yet so true.

cheers. happy slimserving....