View Full Version : Qnap and Slimserver "bailout" button

2006-10-20, 06:55
Occasionally, while attempting to using the right arrow navigating to 'browse artists' I accidently hit 'play' or some other button on the remote. This seems to send the Qnap into a frenzy of activity, presumably getting ready to play all of my 20,000 odd tracks. This renders the Qnap unresponsive to any commands - even the 'power off' button - for well over 30 minutes (any buttons pressed are remembered later). When it first happened I thought my devices had frozen and manually rebooted both the Qnap and Squeezebox, resulting in a complete loss of settings and eventually having to reinstall SS because parts of it seemed to have disappeared. I am now a little wiser and know to leave it alone until finished. This is pretty irritating, though, especially if I just happened to want to listen to a few tracks for, say, half an hour or so. Does anyone know if there is a button or a combination of buttons on the remote that instantly cancels a command?

2006-10-23, 14:54
Happyfishman, if you find the answer then please post here. Would very much like this feature.