View Full Version : Some songs not showing in SlimServer v6.5.0

2006-10-20, 05:41

I have a SlimServer v6.5.0 running on a Windows 2003 server. Having around 1500 songs in my inventory.

I have a wierd problem regarding some of the mp3.

for example the first 2 tracks of 10 is missing in a catalog where only these 10 mp3 reside:

03 song abc.mp3
04 song abc.mp3
05 song abc.mp3
06 song abc.mp3
07 song abc.mp3
08 song abc.mp3
09 song abc.mp3
10 song abc.mp3

All 10 song have mp3 id tags but the 2 first is always ignored for some strange reason.

I have tried to clear the database and rescanned it all but some of the tracks dont show when I search or use the browse function.

Only if I use the function browse filesystem the mp3 is visable.

Hope someone can help me with this strange problem.

Best Regards


2006-10-20, 06:00
Have a close look at the tags in those files.
Is there any difference between the two missing songs and the rest?
Does slimserver find them when you use the search facility?
What happens when you click on one of the missing songs in Browse Music Folder?
Are they listed under Artists - Various artists?


2006-10-22, 04:49
Hello again.

When I browsed to the 2 tracks which didnt showed artist, song name and so on where missing. But when I right clicked it in explorer I could see those tags.
What I did was, installed an mp3 tag editor and added a dot after the artist name saved it and removed it again. Now it works.

Thanks for the directions and help.