View Full Version : Odd XMMS/Winamp tag display behaviour

2006-10-19, 03:52
Hi all,
Don't know if anyone else has seen this this:
When listening to music using XMMS (and I believe also winamp), streamed from SlimServer (6.5 official), the tag information that is displayed keeps "jumping around". To explain...

In the main XMMS information window, now playing information is scrolled across the display. Also the current bitrate is displayed. What is displayed is "1. Welcome to SlimServer" (which I guess is the name of the stream), which is then followed by the track details scrolling across the screen.

What happens is that part the way through the track information scrolling across the screen, the display will jump back to showing "1. Welcome to SlimServer", then scroll the track information from the beginning. This also happens in the tray icon information.

I've just noticed in fact that this jumping seems to directly coincide with changing bitrates. I'm currently playing music from my SlimServer converted to MP3 (from FLAC) at 192Kbps ABR. XMMS is showing that this varies between 160 and 256kpbs (which I guess you would expect with ABR). Each time the bitrate information updates the track information as described above.

Does anybody how to stop the "jumping"? Is it possible to force slimserver to use CBR instead, as that might be a way of preventing this happening?

SlimServer Version: 6.5.0 - 9916 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
XMMS (running on Solaris 10/SPARC)
Music streamed over SSH converted from FLAC to MP3 at 192kpbs/ABR.