View Full Version : SlimServer 6.5.1 won't release its mySQL instance upon closure

2006-10-18, 21:46
I'm running SlimServer on a Win2003 system, and it appears that when shutting down SlimServer (in order to make an upgrade), there is still a connection to the mySQL driver.
After shutting down SlimServer, I try to upgrade to a newer SlimServer release (from the nightly builds), but during install, I get the message that mySQL.yadayada can't be closed (since it is being used), thus the upgrade can't continue.
I tried the following;
* logout/login from Win2003
* Shutting down SlimServer from icon
* Shutting down SlimServer (from service tab)

Still need to restart the computer in order to be able to upgrade SlimServer :(
Anyone experienced similar behaviour?

2006-10-19, 04:28
I have seen this behaviour starting from the transformation (early starting at 6.5b already) to sql, always wondering when this would be picked up ;)

2006-10-19, 06:27
I'll try to be more specific; please see the attachment.
I would've guessed more people discovered this problem?

2007-03-14, 11:57
I'm suffering the same problem on Win2003 SBS. It is driving me mad. I'm now trying with the latest nightly and the problem still isn't fixed. I'll email support.


2007-03-14, 12:15
As part of sorting out some memory leak problems with SlimTray, I created a new version which also shuts down mysqld as fdrom SlimTray. I have submitted the changes to the bugs database. A fix to shut down mysqld as part of slimserver shutdown has been added to 7.0.

See this post re my new version of SlimTray if you want to try it.

2007-03-15, 05:55

I can now upgrade Slimserver without restarting the server. I'm sure that when it is installed on Windows Server it is most likely, like mine, used in a SoHo environment. I have to do all my maintenance between 1 and 7am as it is in use all day and every evening as email, media and document server...

I even have to backup my media files seperately as being uncompressible rather than the rated 2.0x compression on the tapes I only achieve 1.01x


2007-03-15, 06:06
When I made the changes to SlimTray, somebody made a suggestion that it would be nice to have a SlimTray on a local machine able to monitor / startup / shutdown Slimserver on a remote Windows system. I wasn't sure how "popular" that festure would be.

Would that feature be useful in your setup ?

2007-03-15, 14:11
Personally it would make life slightly easier for me and others to be able to remotely administer slimserver services but it would only save me a few mouse clicks. I can log on to the server via terminal services (remote desktop) from both the local network and the internet.

I suppose it depends on how much coding is involved.


2007-03-15, 15:43
I was also a bit lukewarm - I felt anybody who ran slimserver on a remote server probably was familiar with the necessary tools and would prefer them to a 6Mbyte Tray app. I also felt that Slimdevices may not "adopt" the new functionality as it add testing complications.

I think my coding time can be better spent on other things (e.g. bugs).