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2003-12-09, 16:43
I too have issues with the SlimServer crashing when I use the Handheld skin.
(Only with the latest Nightly build though..)
Let me crash it again, and capture the error.... Hold please...

Name "Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl::DATA" used only once: possible typo at
app line 1097.
Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /PerlApp/Slim/Web/Pages.pm
e 495.
Can't use string ("") as a subroutine ref while "strict refs" in use at
/Slim/Web/Pages.pm line 495.
>>>>> END ERROR MESSAGE <<<<<<

This happens with Mondays' nightly build. When I go to the Status
It will also crash when loading a large play list....
An error message about not being able to coerce the play list..

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> I am using the handheld skin, which is fairly good, certainly it
> provides all the info you need, but I'm not sure that it's as stable
> as the default, or the fishbone skin, but obviously they don't fit on
> the screen too well.
> I'm not completely clear that this is a problem with the skin, but I do
> seem
> to reboot less with the standard skin.

What do you have to reboot? Your PDA, the server or the slimserver soft? I
did never encounter any stability problems using it. And I've been using
it from the beginning (well, only 3 months ago ;-)) not only on my Zaurus,
but as a sidepanel in Opera 7 as well.

> The handheld skin would be improved if it remembered where in the
> alphabet
> you were in browse Artist/Album, as ploughing through the list each time
> you
> add a new artist or album is tedious.

In my browser there's a "back" button :-).

> When you add a new item to the playlist the handheld should stay on
> the browse screen, not change to the status screen. Adding individual
> songs, one

What's even "worse": it opens the status page in a new window. There's no
"back" button in this case. And it does not stay in my sidepanel.


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