View Full Version : Radio Time Problems

2006-10-17, 15:04
When clicking the radio time link in slimserver I get the following:

There was an error loading the remote feed for RadioGuide by radiotime: ( not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1, column 6, byte 6 at /PerlApp/XML/Parser.pm line 187 )

I also added some stations on the Radiotime site and they are not updating while using the Squeeze Network. I loggedd off and on several times from Squeeze Network......all without Radio Time updating.

Aside from this Radio Time works fine. Great concept.


Bruce Gerencser

2006-10-18, 10:02
The Squeeze Network part of this problem corrected itself over night. The correct stations now appear in my radio.Perhaps there is a delay in the database update?

The problem with slimserver remains