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2006-10-17, 00:18

I recently have a lot of problems with SlimServer that I didn't have before. I upgraded to version 6.5.1 and use only 3 plugins (weather time, lazy search, song scanner). I work with Windows XP without a firewall and have Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 running. My music is saved on an external USB harddrive by Seagate (300 GB).

I thought I had told Kasperksy to allow SlimServer to do whatever SlimServer wants but still I am having problems. I played a playlist and when the 4th or 5th song played in the middle of the song it suddenly went off. I walked to my computer and saw that SlimServer had stopped.

I couldn't open the SlimServer page. I turned Kaspersky off and tried again. After the 3rd time of re-trying (I think SlimServer behaves very slowly) it worked again.

I am not sure if it is Kaspersky after all but something definitely is wrong.

Funny enough: I never had problems with older versions (6.0, 6.1, 6.3) of SlimServer.

I don't know if anyone can help. I would like to give a more detailed description but I don't know how.

Thanks a lot

2006-10-17, 06:48
There have been problems with virus scanners killing SS 6.5 - try adding an exception for .MYI files to your virus scanner.

2006-10-17, 07:41
I don't know how to exclude .myi files in Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0. Does anybody know?

2006-10-17, 07:53
A very quick google suggests that you need to add the file to the Trusted Zone in version 6.0. The Kaspersky forums have lots of threads on this, but this is the first one I found:

Right-click Kaspersky AV icon in the system tray. In the shortcut menu select Settings.
Click Protection - Trusted Zone.
Click the Exclusions Masks tab - Add. Make sure the Object option is check marked.
By the Object name click Specify.
Browse to the [Slimserver] folder and check mark the option "Include subfolders".
By the Checking task, click Selected.
The line should look like this:
The object will not be scanned if the following conditions are met:
Object name: [Slimserver folder]
Checking task: any task

Any good for you ?

The second article I found looks very similar but isn't as easy to follow:

Open the program interface and select ‘Protection – Settings - Trusted Zone’. Make sure the Exclusions Mask tab is selected in the Trusted Zone window and then click the Add button.
In the Exclusion Mask window that opens make sure that only the Object box is selected, and then click the blue underlined link ‘specify’ in the Rule description box that appears at the bottom of the small window.
Inside the Exclusion Object Edit window you can either manually type out the path to file or folder you wish to exclude or click the Browse button and use Windows Explorer. If you want to exclude a folder and all folders inside it make sure you click the Include subfolders box. Click the OK button when you are done adding your exclusion.
You can now choose which to task to exclude the file(s) or folder(s) from by clicking the blue underlined selected or any link in the Exclusion Mask windows Rule Description section. Clicking selected will toggle the option to any and vice-versa, clicking the blue underlined task name (if selected is chosen) will allow you to choose additional tasks to exclude the file or folders from. When the any option is selected all tasks, including on-demand scans, will exclude the selected file(s) or folder(s).
After clicking OK in the Exclusion Mask window you will return to the Trusted Zone window where you can add additional exclusions or modify/delete existing ones.

2006-10-17, 08:06
..and went with AVGFree instead

Kaspersky was making it hard for my SliMP3 buffer to stay well fed.

No regrets so far..

2006-10-17, 21:40
It all doesn't work with Kasperky still. Can I be sure the cause for all my trouble _is_ Kasperky? Are other users having the same trouble with Kaspersky?

2006-10-17, 21:43
Why did I not have any trouble with older SlimServer versions and Kaspersky? What has changed in SlimServer that causes so many problems now?

2006-10-17, 21:52
> What has changed in SlimServer that causes so many problems now?

Slimserver now uses a new database backend (MySQL). Some antivirus
products do not like its data file.



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2006-10-18, 06:34
If you want to prove/disprove the theory, just disable the virus scanner for a while and see if that fixes it.

Craig, James (IT)
2006-10-18, 06:55
I have to chip in and say that I was suffering the .MYI crashes quite
I configured my virus scanner (Symantec) to ignore .MYI and .MYD files
along with the directory in which they're found.
The crashes continued so I wasn't convinced this was the cause.

However I uninstalled the virus scanner and installed a free one.

Not a single crash since...


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2006-10-18, 11:05
It definitely is Kaspersky Internet Security. I checked and re-checked. That is the cause.

I excluded everything, it still doesn't work. I assume SlimServer uses some "suspicious" system files or whatever. You know, how crazy virus scanners are these days.

Still: I paid for the Kaspersky and I am using my computer for business purposes. So to have a "pretty" secure computer is more important to me than a nice entertainment system. I am disappointed that SlimServer doesn't work properly after an update. It's true what they say: Never change a running system! Very sadly I did update and well, I am bummed now.

So each time I reboot my system I will have to tell SlimServer to start manually, it just won't do automatically anymore.

And in the future I won't use Kaspersky any more. It just sucks that all our computers here have Kaspersky and that I am paying money to those people and then they stop me from having fun with SlimServer.

Am I the only (unlucky) Kaspersky user out there?

2006-10-18, 11:15
So you have a few choices:

(a) Complain to these people you bought software from that it is broken, that it is preventing other legitimate software on your system from running. It's their responsibility to fix their bugs. As you said, you paid them good money and - surely you're entitled to something which works as advertised.

(b) Stop using it and switch to something else. I know for a fact that McAffee works just fine with slimserver, as I'm sure do most virus scanners.

(c) Move back to an earlier version of Slimserver which doesn't trigger this issue.

Personally I'd do (a) and (b), but if you want to do (c) that's an option too.