View Full Version : Slimserver and .SMIL

2006-10-16, 19:26
Good day. I'm a new member to the "Slim Community" and very grateful for the existance of this forum. Thank you.

Here's my issue:

A buddy of mine wanted his SB2 to tune into RTE.ie - an internet radio station that streams in Real Audio format. He followed all the suggested steps from the "3rd Party Plug-in Forum" - including downloading AlienBBC 1.06, extracting the SIPR3260.dll file and placing same into the "Codecs" folder, etc. Worked like a charm. Streaming RTE.ie sweetly and flawlessly.

Since I also would like to stream RTE.ie, I attempted the exact same procedure on my system...but hit a snag. When I copy the "radio1.smil" link into the Alienstream folder on the following path:

d:\My Music\Playlists\AlienStream

the Slimserver does not find it. It finds the AlienStream folder just fine. But when opened, the "radio1.smil" file is not inside. Just to be sure, I placed a .m3u station (Radio Paradise) in the the same folder right next to the "radio1.smil" file. Slimserver finds the .m3u but not the .smil.

I should mention that AlienBBC is working fine on my system.

Any thoughts as to why Slimserver is not recognizing or finding radio1.smil? Seems to work fine on my buddy's computer.

Thank you for your help!