View Full Version : Playlists with SS and iTunes on different machines?

2006-10-16, 10:22
I have my SlimServer running on a server that's in an inconvenient location for physical access. My iTunes is running on a Mac that's in a convenient location; the music folder itself is on an external drive attached to the server that I access over NFS from the iTunes machine.

I'd like to be able to create and edit playlists on the iTunes machine and have them available to my SlimServer (since it's such a pain working on long playlists using the SS interface). However, it seems I can't store my iTunes library file in a remote location so that it's accessible to SS.

What's the best way to accomplish this? Automatically, that is--my wife is the one who uses playlists, and she's not going to be up for anything involving scp'ing files across NFS, etc.

2006-10-16, 10:51
Big caveat here, I don't use Itunes, but believe that this qu has been asked a couple of times before:

Offical answer seems to be that there is no easy answer, but there is a workaround which may help you (although not supported). Can you set up the file so that no authentication is required for Slimserver to access it ?